Send Us Your Phone or Tablet for Repairs

We care about giving you great product and great service.

If you would like to get a pre-estimate for repairs then click on "Contact Mobile Mobile Tech" fill out the form and request a quote. We will provide you with a quote estimate based on your description of the problem.

Note: This quote is only an estimate only, the actual repair charges cannot be determined until we can inspect the device.
To send in your device
1. Print the form
2. Call the phone number printed on the edge of the form. We will give you the address to send your device.
3. Fill out the form out fully
4. Wrap your device carefully so it does on get damaged during shipment and place in a sturdy box.
5. Include in the box, the filled out form with your device
5. Send the box, with the form and your mobile device to address provided in step 2 above.

We will examine your phone and before completing any repairs we will contact you with a final cost to complete repairs.

If you agree to the final repair cost we will process your payment and complete repairs. If you decide to hold off on our repairs we will send you back your phone at no additional charges.

To download the form click the download button Download Now